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"We will have every single person with diabetes in China to have his own blood glucose monitoring system”.


With such a dream in mind, Sinocare was founded in 2002 when we have started our journey on promoting affordable diabetes products and developing local diabetes healthcare industry in China. By cherishing our core values of “Honor the Commitment, Dedicate to Healthcare”, we have been fully dedicated to the innovation of biosensor technology, developing, manufacturing and marketing rapid diagnosis testing products for people with chronic diseases and healthcare professionals.


In the last 17 years, our accurate, affordable, and simple-to-use blood glucose monitoring systems have been well received by all segments of customers across China, with more than 50% of diabetes self-monitoring population using Sinocare products. We have successfully educated and promoted the blood glucose self-monitoring for people with diabetes in China. Besides, to help people with diabetes to understand all the important aspects of diabetes management fully aligns with our goal, “From Blood Glucose Meter Promotor to Diabetes Management Expert”.


According to the goal, we have delivered blood glucose monitoring systems with more advanced technologies, we have developed multi-analyte analyzers to provide more information about diabetes, we have developed a hospital diabetes management platform to close loop between doctors, patients, dieticians, and diabetes educators. Ultimately, we are going to form a diabetes management eco-system and provide a solution to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes, to simplify the interactions between healthcare providers and patients, and to improve healthcare economy for our society.

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