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MFC 2022 was successfully held in Suzhou to boost the innovation-driven development of the medical device industry!


Medical Fair China (MFC), the only satellite exhibition of MEDICA in China, organized by Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was successfully concluded at Suzhou International Expo Center on August 12, 2022.


Despite the impact of COVID-19, the exhibition still welcomed 120 medical device manufacturers and R&D companies and 4036 trade visitors under one roof. Visitors mainly came from southeast and north of China, such as Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, etc. and work in a variety of fields such as leading medical institutions, medical device distributors, agents and retail traders, medical device R&D businesses and manufacturers, purchasers and suppliers of raw materials, parts and software for medical devices, etc. The exhibition received extensive attention and great support from research institutes and government agencies.

Entire industrial chain resources of advanced medical devices lined up at MFC 2022

Since its inception, Medical Fair China (MFC) has been guided by the purpose of promoting innovation in the medical device sector. It is dedicated to creating a unique industry-wide service platform for the whole industry chain, showcasing service organizations, innovative projects and products in the field of medical device innovation, and organizing exchange and networking events. With its unique "innovation" concept, MFC stands out among many medical product exhibitions, and has won strong support from many enterprises and insiders.

The IVD exhibiting zone gathered Wondfo Biotech, Sansure Biotech, Sinocare, Babio Biotechnology, Nortech Systems, BioHermes, Boomingshing and many other leading companies, display clinical laboratory medical products on site, strengthen technical exchanges and collaboration, and promote the rapid development of clinical laboratory instruments and IVD reagents industry in China.


In addition to the traditional consumables, the Medical Consumables exhibiting area also displayed laboratory consumables, orthopedic consumables, minimally invasive surgery and related consumables in the field of life sciences. Bringing together a number of renowned enterprises, such as Surgnova, Huankang Medical, Citotest Scientific, DiaTrust, MDHC Life Technology, Mictor Medical, Puyang Linshi Medical, Royal Fornia, Zeli Precision, Pulikang Medical, etc.


MFC 2022 conformed to the market demand and developed new exhibition areas

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a new shift in demand in the medical device market. In response to the rapidly changing environment and needs, MFC has set up a dedicated exhibition area for Public Epidemic Prevention and Health. Dozens of local anti-epidemic products companies appeared in the exhibition area, including Suzhou Jichun, Haian Medigauze, Taiyu, Kanghui Medical, Kossel Medtech, Jingdi, Huakang, etc. The companies displayed a variety of anti-epidemic items and protective equipment, protective materials, production equipment, etc.

The outbreak of the epidemic also raised public awareness of a healthy lifestyle. With the improvement of public health awareness, patients with special chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes are increasingly using blood glucose meters, sphygmomanometers and other household medical devices for self-monitoring and management, which is becoming a new normal and is going to further advance the development of the household medical device industry. In line with the current market trend, MFC 2022 further expanded the Home & Wearable Devices Zone and established the Smart Medical Zone.


As one of the global leaders in blood oxygen products, Beijing Choice Electronic Tech Co., Ltd. exhibited high-performance wearable devices for home use at MFC 2022. It highlighted the wrist oximeter and the ichoiceRelax intelligent decompression system, which attracted extensive attention from visitors.

Shenzhen Pango Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., is a national high-tech enterprise, and has been deeply involved in the field of medical devices for 20 years. The company displayed a variety of products at MFC 2022, including smart cervical spine massagers, smart waist and abdomen massagers, smart eye massagers, smart electronic sphygmomanometers, smart forehead thermometers, etc.

Sinocare showcased state-of-the-art chronic disease monitoring systems and solutions in the IVD exhibition area. Its iCARE-2000 portable fully automatic multi-functional detector fully meets the needs of medical examinations in community-level medical and healthcare institutions, further improving the efficiency of chronic disease management.

“This year, the MFC can be held smoothly during the pandemic period is a great thing in itself. The number and quality of MFC visitors has also been good this year. We're so happy we can go back to the physical exhibition and communicate with so many industry peers.” says Mr. Xie Yufei, Marketing Director of ChoiceMMed.


The visitor Mrs. Zhou from Kangze Biological says, “MFC was the first medical fair I visited this year. I saw many well-known medical device manufacturers and their latest products here. At the same time, the content of the forum also keeps up with the development of the industry.”


Concurrent forums gave profound insights into the new direction of the industry

The Ferryman Club Medical Forum with the theme of “To explore the layout and development of medical devices in China in the post-epidemic era” was successfully held on 10th August. Keynote speakers included Zhang Yan, General Manager of Abbott Heart Rhythm Management in China, Anyuan Yin, Director of Bluesail Medical Innovation Research and Development Center, Cao Changqing, founder of JOYMED Technology, Pei Peng, Medical Director of Yuwell Group, Chen Hong, Chairman of Biosurf Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and many other industry authority speakers. Their speeches focused on several hot topics such as "Application of 5G technology in the medical industry", "How to resolve the problem of medical raw material supply", "Market strategy and layout", and interpreted the development status of the medical industry from multiple perspectives.

The annual FTR4H is always the center of attention in the digital health sector with diverse topics and insightful speakers. On 11th August, the FTR4H with the theme of “How Digital Transformation is Affecting the Healthcare Industry” was held successfully. The forum invited a dozen digital healthcare experts from world-renowned companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Shanghai United Family Hospitals, MBMbio, Insilico Medicine, Biocelline, FemTec Health and Dian Diagnostics. Through online and offline connections, speakers brought a feast of technology and thought exchange to the audience. Two days concurrent forums attracted a total of 300+ onsite audiences.

MFC 2023 will be held on 23-25 August at the Suzhou International Expo Centre. While continuing to explore medical device innovations in depth, the organizers will further enrich the categories of exhibits, bringing together more companies, and create a platform for in-depth and comprehensive exchanges among industry players to promote the innovation and development of the healthcare sector. For more information, please visit https://www.medicalfair.cn/en


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