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MFC 2023 concluded successfully in Suzhou, witnessing the splendid moment of the medical device industry.


Medical Fair China (MFC), organized by Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was successfully concluded on August 25th at the Suzhou International Expo Center. MFC was co-located with REHACARE CHINA, the two exhibitions have achieved remarkable results within the close cooperation.


This year's exhibition welcomed 350 leading companies from the medical device manufacturing, production, and research fields, attracting 9,215 professional visitors. Visitors from various industry segments came together for the 3 days of exhibition, including leading medical institutions, medical device distributors, agents, and retailers, medical device R&D and manufacturing companies, internet health platforms, procurement suppliers of medical device raw materials, components, and software, etc. The exhibition also garnered extensive attention and support from research institutions and government agencies. MFC 2023 was packed with enthusiasm and received rave views in a lively atmosphere.


Cutting-edge products and technologies showcased at MFC inject new vitality into medical innovation.

Innovation is the key driver of the sustainable development of the medical device industry. Only through continuous technological breakthroughs and industry transformations can the ever-changing demands of the medical market be met. As the only satellite exhibition of MEDICA in China, Medical Fair China is a grand event that presents the latest global medical technology and innovation achievements. With the theme of "Drive the Development of Healthcare", MFC 2023 directly and comprehensively serves the entire medical device industry chain from source to end-users. It brings together advanced medical technology products at home and abroad, with the aim of promoting industry upgrading and innovative development and contributing to the construction of "Healthy China," fully demonstrating MFC's commitment and pursuit of innovation.


With the steady growth of China's medical device market, the application of medical monitoring equipment continues to expand from intensive care to general wards. Shenzhen Comen, which has been rooted in medical monitoring for more than 20 years, has brought their brand-new NM Patient Monitor to MFC 2023. This newly launched product represents a significant technological innovation and iteration, with its cutting-edge CardioTecTM ECG, Sure-OxiTM SpO2, and AcuTecTM NIBP technologies. Its dynamic monitoring offers more accurate and comprehensive data, fully supporting clinical decision-making for healthcare personnel. Additionally, Comen exhibited ventilator products, X-series high-end anesthesia machines, hematology analyzers, and other multi-field products, showcasing the integration of medical devices and high technology.


As a representative of medical device innovation enterprises, Beijing Shurui Robot Co., Ltd. demonstrated its new generation deformable continuum surgical robot at MFC 2023. As the first domestically approved single-port laparoscopic surgical robot in China, Shurui Robot adopts innovative technology with independent intellectual property rights, boasting wide range of motion, strong load capacity, and high reliability. During the exhibition, the booth of Shurui Robot attracted numerous visitors, including medical experts and scholars who tried out the robot by experiencing procedures like suturing and laparoscopic operations.


IVD technology, as an essential component of contemporary medical fields, plays a critical role in early disease detection, treatment selection, and monitoring. MFC 2023 further expanded the IVD zone, gathering dozens of high-quality companies such as Tongzhou Biotechnology, Wondfo Biotech, Clongene Biotech, Babio Biotechnology, Ustar, Biobase,MaiYue Bio-technology, Kanghua Biotechnology, SIMES SIKMA, Alltest Biotech, JetKeen, Lansion, Sunlant, Bioeast, Dirui, HOKAPI, and others, showcasing their cutting-edge products and technologies, including hematology analyzers, biochemistry analyzers, and immune detection equipment. These innovative products provide more accurate, convenient, and efficient diagnostic tools for clinical medicine.


MFC 2023 also delved into the fields of wearable medical devices and home medical equipment, with participating companies such as ChoiceMMed, Pangao, Henkel, Kernel, RMS Medical, TED Healthcare, etc. Home medical devices on display included smart blood pressure meter, glucose meter, laser hair regrowth instrument, and respiratory therapy equipment, aiming to provide patients with more convenient and comfortable home medical solutions. In the wearable devices segment, exhibitors presented innovative products such as smart bracelets, smart waist and abdominal massage devices, smart eye massagers, and intelligent wearable monitors. Through real-time monitoring and data analysis, these devices help users with health management and rehabilitation.


In addition to the above enterprises, many well-known medical enterprises such as Saikang, Pukang, Biobase Biotech also participated in the exhibition. Not only that, MFC also won the strong support of the medical industrial park. Changsha National Economic & Technical Development Zone, as the first national economic development zone in Hunan province, gathered a number of well-known enterprises such as IMADEK, Xieda Biotechnology, Zhuoyu Technology, Zhiyun Medical, BQBrain and so on to exhibit at MFC 2023.


"Medical Fair China provides a brilliant communication platform, showing the latest technology, and we hope to work with the organizers to build the exhibition into a comprehensive platform for national health and help the construction of"Healthy China", says Ms. Yang Xiaoyun, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Pangao Medical Electronics.


Focusing on industry trends, concurrent forums were packed to capacity in a lively atmosphere.

After years of dedicated cultivation and accumulation, MFC not only meets the purchasing needs of visitors but also serves as an important platform for industry peers to understand industrial innovation trends, policies, regulations, efficient market development, and promote quality international cooperation.


At the same time, MFC held a number of in-depth theme forums, inviting more than 100 speakers to share informative content with over 1000 participants.


In terms of industrial innovation, the FTR4H brought together more than a dozen digital health experts from well-known companies, including Huawei, Johnson & Johnson, Henkel, United Family Hospital, My Biomed, Arctic Vision, MEDICAID HUB, Orbit, XNode, etc. In theme of "Data, AI, and Personalization at Scale," experts shared their insights on the importance and trends of digitalization in the medical industry. Additionally, the Digital Transformation and Compliance Forum which was hosted by Suzhou Association for Medical Devices Industry and co-hosted by Shenzhen Association of Medical Devices, has invited digital transformation industry experts from Huawei Cloud, Lifotronic Technology, Peijia Medical, Suzhou Aijin, Suzhou Yuntu, Changzhou Honghui, and others to share their cutting-edge research and practices in the digital medical field. This forum provided forward-thinking ideas and professional guidance, offering the audience a wonderful digital interactive experience. Furthermore, MFC 2023 also saw in-depth discussions on industry trends and market opportunities in different segments through forums such as "Ferryman Club Medical Forum" and "Digital Therapy and Intelligent Rehabilitation Seminar".


Regarding policies and regulations, the Domestic and International Medical Device Procurement Forum was held on MFC 2023. It invited two heavyweight industry experts: Ms. Ye Xiaofang, Director of the Policy Research Center of Jiangsu Huazhao Network Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Li Bin, General Manager of SINOBID. They analyzed the latest procurement policies and typical cases at home and abroad, streamlined the procurement process, with the aim of helping companies expand domestic and overseas medical device market.


With regard to international cooperation, the "EU-China International Cooperation and Exchange Forum on Innovative Medical Devices," co-organized by Messe Dusseldorf (Shanghai) Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Suzhou MDCE Co., Ltd., kicked off with experts from the Research of Institute of Medical Information, Medical Device Big Data and Compliance Strategy Center, Germany Trade & Invest, and NRW.Global Business, as well as several representatives from companies. Sharing topics included industry trends in the post-pandemic era through keynote speeches, roundtables, and interactive discussions, with the aim of helping China's medical device enterprises to explore the overseas market by actively being engaged in international cooperation.


The visitor Mrs. Jean from XNode says, "The content and topics of concurrent forums grasped the pulse of the medical industry. We communicate with lots of experts on the spot and learn a lot. Thank you MFC for providing such an interactive platform for efficient sharing."


In order to continuously promote the innovative research and development of medical device products and meet the needs of professional visitors for targeted procurement and exchanges, multiple exhibitor matching activities were organized during MFC 2023. Successful appointments were made for face-to-face discussion on co-operation intentions and the project follow-ups, setting-up a fruitful bilateral communication mechanism.


The show concluded on a high note with the promise of bringing an even more comprehensive platform in the years to come. The next Medical Fair China (MFC) will be held at the Suzhou International Expo Center from August 21st to 23rd, 2024. Looking forward to our reunion in 2024!


For more information, please visit https://www.medicalfair.cn/en


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