Tech in Africa meets Made in China

Africa is at the forefront of the development of digital health care as they are empowered by the open access to knowledge, technology, and production. The entrepreneurs in the frontier markets with rapid economic growth and inadequate healthcare system get to deploy connected smart healthcare to solve problems in huge markets with immediate needs.

Healthcare markets in more developed countries are facing the legacy of existing system and layer of regulations to make the slight improvement to the care with prolonged duration of testing requirements to markets.

In the past decade, the medical equipment industry in China has drastically decreased the cost of medical sensing equipment and build up a robust global supply chain to provide these devices ready to be connected with cloud data collection. The rapid availability of new AI technologies opens up vast new possibilities to leverage the collected data to generate new value.

The AI talents in Africa had caught the attention of Google which recently set up a new AI research Lab in Accra, Ghana before it established a similar lab in Shenzhen.

Across Africa, there are vast amount projects supported by global agency from UN, USA and others as well as makerspace, accelerators and incubators to develop innovative health care solution for the local markets. The visibility of these independent projects have been poor. Many of the projects built from scratch without visibility into the supply chain in China often cost too much to be viable for the local market once the supporting fund ran out.

FTR4H (speak Future for Health), the global initiative on driving digital health ( aims at raising visibility of these projects by connecting African tech talents and Chinese industrial ecosystem in healthcare. The combination of the two will kick digital health development in Africa into hyper growth.

Two global ambassadors of FTR4H are the chairpersons of this “Tech in Africa meets Made in China” initiative:

David Li

  • Director of Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab
  • Co-Founder of Hacked Matter and Maker Collider

Moka Lantum

  • Managing Partner MicroClinic Technologies & Health Delivery Expert

Execution Plan

FTR4H 2018 Global Roadshow stops in Suzhou, China. From September 6th to 8th 2018 there will be a FTR4H Lounge to showcase innovative solutions in digital Health at Medical Fair China. On September 6th, FTR4H will curate a dedicated conference on ‘The Digital Health Storm’. This Suzhou event is the perfect platform for kicking off the “Tech in Africa meets Made in China” initiative powered by FTR4H. The execution plan is as following:

  1. July - August 2018:
    Collect information of innovative digital health projects in Africa through our networks. We want a short, max. 60 seconds video from each of the project to cover the team, the problem and the solution.
  2. September 1st - 5th 2018
    Compile the video into a 15 minutes show and tell presentation for the Suzhou event.
  3. September 6th 2018, Conference Room at Medical Fair China
    A 30 minutes presentation of the video and panel discussion on how the Chinese vendors can collaborate with these talents and get access to this vast, rapid growing markets.
  4. September 6th - 8th, FTR4H Lounge at Medical Fair China
    Showcase some of the ‘Tech in Africa’ digital health solutions.
  5. Q4 2018 - Q3 2019
    FTR4H African innovation tour/conference for Chinese vendors in selected African markets including visits to makerspaces, incubators and industrial parks.

Are you a digital health aficionado in Africa and do you want to participate in our “Tech in Africa meets Made in China” initiative?

Please click the link and fill in the form

Please kindly notice that the purpose for this form aims to collect your project video and your team's information, which will be compiled into a 15 mins video with all submitted projects and shown at the Suzhou Event only. You are very welcome to join the event in person, but please kindly aware that all of the business expenses incurred while in China, including round-trip airplane tickets, board and lodging expenses and the health insurance will be borne by yourself.

If you have any question, please contact