MFC Speaker: Dr. Junhao Hu

China Medical Innovation Forum 2017 will be held on June 10-11, 2017 at Shangri-La Hotel Suzhou, China.

The organizers have invited renowned speakers from home and abroad to deliever keynote speeches. Topics cover industry policy, gene detection, IOT medical, digital healthcare, medical 3D technology, individual diagnostic, homecare, and wearable products, etc.

Dr. Junhao Hu, Phd from National University of Singapore. 6 years research scientist in Optical fiber sensor technology. Founded Darma Inc in silicon valley in 2014. DARMA has the world's leading vital signs monitoring technology - fiber optic sensing technology and is committed to providing continuous, convenient and accurate health monitoring and data analysis services.

Title of presentation

Medical Device - Reinventing Home Care

Abstract of presentation

China's medical device market innovation has always lagged behind the United States. Nowadays, most high-quality medical devices are imported. A few innovative products are also imported substitutes. The real original medical device market is very small.
Compared to the US medical device market is now monopolized by the giant, medical equipment innovation tepid. China's medical device market innovation but more thriving. With the advent of Internet medical and mobile medical care, China's population advantage and the advantages of high-speed Internet may be able to become the home medical device market in China the first breakthrough opportunities.

Speaker Dr. Junhao Hu will combine the development history of the China-US medical device market and combine the current investment and financing environment with technological innovation to share how Chinese companies can use their own advantages to disrupt medical services in the medical device market, especially in the home medical device market.

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